Connect and Trade with Other Small Business Owners


Running a small business is expensive. Trading helps businesses to reduce costs and build their customer base.

The Problem

It's difficult to find other local businesses open to trading. Direct trades don't always work.

Bhive Solution

Bhive is a trade enablement platform. You earn money in your Bhive bank so you don't have to directly trade.

What is a 'Trade Enablement Platform'?

Bhive allows businesses to exchange goods and services with a local group instead of just 1x1.

How does the trade process work?

Each user starts with 100 Bhive Bucks to start trading. When you make an inquiry about a trade offer, you are connected to the business owner via email. Agree on a price and let Bhive know when the trade is complete. We will update each user's Bhive Bank to reflect the transaction.

Are users reviewed?

After a transaction is complete, users are asked to rate their experience with the business owner.

What about the taxman?

Bhive supplies users with a 1099-B form to be submitted with their taxes. As long as trades are of equal value, you shouldn't be required to pay extra.